9 Secrets To A Productive Business Lunches

Countless partnerships have been forged and numerous campaign ideas have emerged over business lunches. It’s no wonder why many companies still include paying for services like lunch box catering in their yearly budget allocations. Given the effectiveness of holding business lunches, the question now is -- How do you actually make it productive, turn it to your advantage, and avoid wasting company resources?

If you are faced with this question, this read is for you. In this article, we’re revealing nine secrets to a successful business lunch.

Always plan ahead. One of the trickiest parts of holding business lunches is the time constraint -- you have to check the attendees’ availability and settle down with date and time amenable to all. Hence, it’s important to plan early and send invites as early as possible.

Set your agenda and your goals. When conducting a business lunch -- whether at your office, via lunch box catering or offsite -- it can be quite challenging not to drift away from your agenda when eating and exchanging candid talks. Set your goals and keep yourself on track while you’re hosting a business lunch.

Choose a strategic location. Whichever location you choose (may it be inside your building or at a nearby restaurant), you have to ensure you have these two: Space and privacy. You need space for elbow room when eating and space when doing paperwork or typing in on your laptop. Privacy, on the other hand, is vital for the confidentiality of your agenda and for setting a productive mood for the attendees.

Be punctual. Your attendees have set aside time for the business lunch. So, it’s only ethical to reciprocate their effort by being respectful of time. Arrive early -- especially if you’re the host -- and keep track of time so you won’t have to extend beyond your estimated duration for the meeting.

Mind your manners. From avoiding resting your elbows atop the table to not using your phone (unless it’s vital to the meeting or an emergency), you have to be mindful of basic dining etiquette. It shows professionalism and helps establish trust.

Order smartly. If you’re availing a lunch box catering service, avoid ordering "messy" food like pizzas and sandwiches. Keep it simple yet filled with ingredients that enhance productivity. If you’re eating outside, it’s best to follow your guests’ lead.

Skip the alcohol. Since it’s a business meeting taking place at lunchtime, it’s not the best time to drink alcoholic beverages. Whatever non-alcoholic drink you order, make sure to keep everyone hydrated by having an ample supply of water.

Pick up the check. Holding a business lunch outside of your office? One of the main responsibilities of the host is to pick up the check and pay for the bill. Professionalism aside, this simple gesture will help you win the respect of a client.

Have fun. Business lunches require an intricate balance between being productive and having fun. After all, you don’t want to either bore your guests or miss your goals. While enjoying the food and the ambiance, keep conversations light without necessarily veering away from your main agenda.

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