A brief history of gambling

When it all began?

Not a lot but some noteworthy pieces of evidence have proved it right that gambling has been here from the ancient period. Some of the strong shreds of evidence like tiles that were from approximately 2300 BC was found in China. Not only that, ancient Egyptians like to gamble too in 1500 BC using ivory dice.

It has been found mentioned in the writings of the ancient roman inscriptions where people ranging from royalty to peasants like to gamble in leisure. Even, they involved in serious and huge losses causing violence. Even, rulers like Olaf and Norway's one rolled a dice to decide how the territory must be divided.

Earliest poker chip

People back then did not plan for a trip to Vegas to gambles. But, being many things different, gambling was the same. They made chips using rocks, bones, and sticks. But, the discovery of paper in china led them to prepare playing cards too for gambling. Then, spread to the other sub-continents of Asia and reached Egypt and Europe in the 15th century.

Modern gambling

The whole western cultures adopted gambling with spreading their arms in the 18th century. From European lords to French and Italians, poker developed. Both poker and roulette became popular in America. Poker came from the German game pochen that meant bluffing. Later, the game influenced a lot of Americans in between the 19th and 20th century.

Advent of casinos

The 1800s gifted us with the first slot machine ever. It got three reels along with five symbols. The whole mass was aware of the benefit of such a slot machine. Later, brick and mortar became more popular. Even in the current scenario, the casino has been the place of gamblers out there. Some of the best casinos like sbobet88 have the popularity of a global impact, and people just go there for gambling

Online gambling

It was 1994 when the first software built for gambling. In the same year, Antigua and Barbuda passed an act that is popularly known as the free trade & processing act. It led to a number of some early deals that grew exponentially with time to yield a billion-dollar online gambling industry that we see at present. And top gambling sites like sbobet88 flourished.

Future of gambling

Introduction of some advanced technological advancements like cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have led to a certain kind of disruption that we haven't imagined. People now prefer cryptocurrencies to gamble online. While the block chain can offer a transparent transaction process.

While online gambling has witnessed a huge growth in the number of bettors around the world, various countries are concerned with the regulation and prohibition of any activities regarding gambling.


Gambling has been and continues to be one of the fun games of the humankind. Its beginning is almost with the beginning of an era of becoming and acting more human. People like to gamble and try to become perfect at it. The history has said it all.