Best Most Watched Movies In Telugu

Although the pandemic has hampered the ability to see films in theatres, it has helped develop OTT and streaming services.OTT platforms such as AHA cater to region-specific films such as Telugu films to keep movie buffs and the general public entertained during the lockdown by enabling them to watch movies online.Here are a few blockbuster movies online that you can watch on AHA that will inspire you.

  1. Shylock.

Shylock is a 2020 Malayalam action-thriller film that was later dubbed in Telugu. Written by newcomers Aneesh Hameed and Bibin Mohan, it is directed by AjaiVasudev. Starring Mammootty, Rajkiran, MeenaDurairaj, Siddique, KalabhavanShajon, Baiju Santhosh, and HareeshKanaran.

The two main characters in Shylock are Boss, a ruthless moneylender, and Prathapa Varma, a filmmaker. The latter requested a loan from Boss, which he did not repay. The Manager, enraged, causes an uproar on set and kidnaps the Producer to reclaim his money. With the help of his friend Felix, a police commissioner, Prathama dispatches goons to kill Boss as a result of the misunderstanding.

It is later revealed why Boss is so adamant about causing harm to Prathapa in the past. Next is why Boss is the main Protagonist and how he seeks revenge on the ones who ruined his life.

Boss is a visual treat to all Mammotty fans, and with its thumping beats and cinematic climax, it is one adventure to watch.

  1. Johar.

Directed by debutant MarniTejaChowdary, Johaar is a 2020 Telugu film starring Esther Anil, AnkithKoyya, NainaGanguly, Easwari Rao, Chaitanya Krishna, and SubhalekhaSudhakar. The film was streamed on Aha on 15 August 2020.

  • The story begins with Vijay Varma, the son of the state's late Chief Minister. As the state's new Chief Minister, he wishes to erect a massive statue in honor of his late father to be remembered in history. This action necessitates a sizable budget, for which he seizes funds from different sources.
  • What follows this is how the actions of one man's selfish needs affect the lives of others, sectioned in four stories.
  • The first story is set in Varanasi, including a girl who elopes with a chaiwala out of love and mostly to escape her mother and the dangers in her home. The second story takes place near Srikakulam that has been contaminated with a waterborne illness. Because of the water in the town, Gangamma's granddaughter, like her son, is infected with kidney disease. All she has left is hope for a better future.
  • The third story is about Rayalaseema, a 70-year-old man who runs an NGO and hopes for a better future for all of his country's street children.
  • The final story follows Bhanu, a street circus performer from Vizag who aspires to be an athlete and finds a coach, but it is never enough because she lacks government funding.

What ties all the stories together is later revealed to the Chief Minister by a journalist, who pragmatically informs him that people's deaths and the destruction of some dreams were caused by his order to freeze funds.In the credits, the minister, guilt-ridden, inaugurates his father's statue.

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