Cuisinart Food Processor Oatmeal Cookies

Unpopular opinion: Oatmeal raisin cookies are better than chocolate chip cookies. That’s what I was brought up on, and that’s how I feel. I’ve experimented with different ways of making them as I’ve navigated adulthood, and so far my best method is with my Cuisinart food processor. I highly recommend doing it this way.

The texture is one that cannot be topped. What’s great is that when you add the raisins and oats, it cuts them up so they aren’t these giant chunks, and the cookies have a more fluffy feel to them. A lot of the time people aren’t even one hundred percent sure what kind of cookie they’re eating right off the bat. 

I eventually ordered myself a dough blade to get the most out of the Cuisinart food processor. But what I really needed was a new work bowl to hold different batches. That, and several times in the past, I’ve clumsily dropped my bowl on the kitchen floor and put a nice sized crack in it. I visited KitchenWorksUSA where they sell the Cuisinart DLC-8 4-Piece Tritan Bowl Kit Part and ordered what I needed.

The cookies have taken on many different recipes throughout the years. I’ve found that my favorite is actually a combo of raisins, dried cranberries, oatmeal, and chopped pecans. All of these things really come together beautifully to make an amazing cookie. The best part is that by chopping these ingredients, they are distributed more evenly throughout the cookie, rather than big chunks here and there.

I typically chop the dry ingredients first before combining the dough. I chop them just enough so that they’re not like dust, but also not too chunky. Then they get set aside until a later step. I of course combine my dry ingredients in a separate bowl, and then mix the wet ingredients together and combine them right after in the Cuisinart food processor. 

It’s so convenient to make the cookies this way, and I can double the recipe with no problem if need be. It’s a time saver to do it this way versus having to cut things up by hand. Plus, the cookies just come out better and are more even, so they don’t burn, but they aren’t too mushy either.

I have raved to my entire family about how well this works. If someone in the family didn’t do it with a Cuisinart  food processor, they do now. So many family members have thanked me for opening their eyes to this awesome method of making cookies. Others have experimented with their own ideas and now we do an annual cookie swap as well. It’s really made some great bonding experiences for our family as a whole, and it could not be done without the Cuisinart food processor.