Do You Find You’re Attracted To The Wrong Women?

Do You Find You're Attracted To The Wrong Men?

If you always pick the wrong woman, we have the lowdown on what you can do about it, right here.

Men usually pick the bad girl and that’s a fact of life. Just like our tribal roots, men are natural hunters. They want women who engage them in the chase, but that know how to reward them at the end of it. The more innocent the woman, the less likely she is to know her way around the bedroom…

If you find you are always attracted to this kind of woman, then don’t panic. We are here to explain why you feel this way – and to guide you towards better paths in future. Let’s start by talking about why you want that woman you know is bad for you, in the first place.

Why Are Bad Girls So Hot?

Bad girls are hot, let’s face it. Why are they hotter than the nicer women? Because we men equate being a bad girl with being naughtier in the bedroom. If she is teasing you, if she is letting you get a little at a time, if she is leading you on and playing with you, you enjoy the thrill a whole lot more.

Women are fantastic, beautiful creatures, but the bad ones are capable of the kind of emotional manipulation we can only dream about. Women are able to make you feel bad about just about anything they want you to… and the bad girls do this before breakfast and just for fun.

Asides from hiring Bromley escorts, where else can you meet bad girls? That’s the next question we want to answer.

Where Can I Meet Bad Girls?

Bad girls are much likelier to be out and about in the pubs and clubs at the weekends. You can spot them partying with their friends, drinking too much, and dancing provocatively on the dancefloor. You find bad girls sitting alone in coffeeshops or dining alone in restaurants. You find them on Tinder, through social media platforms, and in tattoo studios.

Bad Girls are everywhere, if you learn how to spot the signs. If there is even a whiff of manipulation to her, then she’s probably one of them.

Changing from the Wrong Women to the Right Women

If you are tired of dating bad girls and are looking to finally settle down, you need to stop looking in those pubs and clubs to find her. Ditch tinder and open an account with a serious dating app. You will usually find that you are inundated with applications, since women far outweigh men on dating software programs.

If you are tired of bad girls and want to go well, don’t sleep with her straight away. Treat her well and watch out for toxic behaviour. If she manipulates you, run away. Manipulation is a sure sign of a bad girl… and that’s a tip you can take to the bank.