Fun Ways to Make Money with Online Videos

Making money from home can be freeing. If you own a computer with a camera or even an advanced smartphone or tablet with a good camera, you may be able to use it to make money, no matter your skills or looks. Below are some great ways to great ways to make money online with a camera.

Webcam Modeling

If you've got great looks and lots of charisma, then being a cam model could be a great job for you. There are a lot of misconceptions about webcam modeling. For example, some people think you need to be naked or do sex acts, but that's not the case. Sometimes, people just want to talk to attractive people to flirt. 

Depending on the website you work through, you may even get professional training to hone your camera modeling skills. These lessons can teach you how to talk to clients to keep them coming back for more. Also, depending on how much you work, you can earn hundreds of dollars a week or more!

YouTube Videos

When you make videos on YouTube you can basically create any content you want, which is great for creative people! With YouTube, you make money by putting advertisements into your videos. The more people you get to watch your videos, the more money you can earn. However, it can take a while to become popular enough to earn a lot of money from ads.

Another way to make money by making YouTube videos is to get a sponsor. Sponsors are usually companies that will pay you to advertise their product or to record a product review or unboxing video. Again, you need to be pretty popular on YouTube before you can earn a sponsorship.

Online Tutoring

If you excelled in school (either in high school or college) then you should consider working as an online tutor. You can help students you know already via Skype or another video platform. You can even work as a tutor even if you don't know any students personally. To do this, sign up for a tutoring website or a freelance website to get matched with students who need to study whatever subject you are best at.

Whether you want to use your looks, your smarts, your creativity, or all three to get a job, any or all of these great online camera-based jobs could supply you with the extra money you need. So, what are you waiting for? Look into one of these jobs today!