How To Know Quality Shirt On The Internet

When you buy a shirt, in addition to its original design, you should look at the quality with which they are manufactured. We understand that you buy it because its design makes you excited and you want it to last a long time. Hence the importance of knowing how to choose when buying a shirt or t shirt printing online.

In general, cotton shirts are the most durable. In addition to being comfortable to wear. Do you know how to identify a good cotton shirt?

Simple. You should know that the quality of the cotton fabric is determined by 2 variables, its raw material and the spinning process.

·         The fabric

To know if a polo shirts is of quality, the first thing you should look for is the fabric, the fabric with which it is made. First, the material must be 100% natural, made of cotton, linen, silk or wool. Avoid mixing with polyester subtracts quality, elegance and durability to the shirt. Also, keep in mind that natural materials can shrink, therefore, a 100% cotton shirt, for example, will shrink proportionally while, in one that mixes pieces of cotton with polyester, those of cotton will shrink, those of polyester will keep their size and proportion will be lost. Among all these fabrics, cotton is the most common and will be higher quality the longer the fibre length. Egyptian cotton is an example of raw material whose cotton has extra-long fibres, making it a cotton quality.

·         The Thread

The thread of the fabric can be of one end or two ends, but the shirts of good quality, always use a thread of two ends. The two-strand thread is, in fact, the union of two twisted threads that will give a more consistent base for the fabric of your shirt and, for more quality, it will be 2X2 , that is, with two-strand thread and that also counts with weft (horizontal threads) and warp (vertical threads) . Other variables to take into account are the thickness of the thread and the density of the thread per inch, the thinner the thread, the greater the density per inch will allow and, therefore, the more quality the shirt fabric will have.

·         Seams

To recognize a good quality shirt, it is also necessary to look at the seams. Inspect the side seam and see if there is a visible seam or two. Higher quality shirts will only have a tight, narrow, visible seam that denotes finer work by the manufacturer and will prevent gatherings when washing and drying the shirt. Also important is the number of stitches in a seam, the more stitches, stronger, more flexible and more aesthetic the shirt will be.