Make Your Custom Tote Bags in Full Color

A boring bag is not something anyone likes. Your bag's imprint can make the difference between the bag getting lost in a grocery store cart or being proudly displayed at a farmer’s market. You want people to notice your logo so you need a bag they can proudly show off. You can start with full-color custom printed bags.

You can create your custom bag by choosing a bag that suits your style, creating a message that stands out, and pairing it with colorful artwork. You can create trendy, full-color custom printed bags that customers will love in just three steps.

Three steps to going bold with full-color custom bags

Step 1: Pick a bag that suits your style

Your brand is unique, and your branding should reflect that. Think about where your bag might be carried. It's much easier to find the right bag for you once you have an idea of how you want you’re branding to be used.

There are many bags available, including reusable bags, eco-friendly bags, and canvas bags. Let's not forget about the bags that allow you to display your branding in full color.

The Park Bag

Are you looking for customers who will take your bag to the gym or the park with them? You can choose a lightweight, portable polyester drawstring backpack.

The Active Wear bag

Perhaps your business uses bike couriers, dog walkers, or other active services. Your branding can be printed on drawstring bags with reflective stripes to fit customers or employees who are always on the move. This not only makes your message visible but also ensures that your customers and employees are safe.

The Beach Tote

Brands that need their bags to be carried to work, books, the beach, or other busy places should choose the beach bag. This timeless design can carry all the items customers put into it and are sturdy enough to be carried on any trip.

The Conference Tote

Many businesses need totes that they can give to their employees to take with them to trade shows and conferences. These conference totes can be used to promote your company among other business professionals. Employees also collect pamphlets at events.

The Eco-Friendly Tote

This eco-friendly tote will help you spread a positive message about the environment and your brand. The bag is made with jute, which is a durable and biodegradable vegetable fiber. This bag will help companies reach out to consumers at places such as farmer's markets or health food stores.

Create a Short and Sweet Message

Once you have your bag, it is time to add something. Your message should be clear and easily remembered, as bags are often seen from a distance. These are some ways to keep it short and sweet.

Printing your brand name can be enough. Simply getting your brand name noticed is the best way to build brand recognition.

A statement should be clear and concise. This is the best place to display your slogan.

The saying should be paired with the artwork. Look at the bag below that features a picture of a donut with the words "Circle of Trust" for an interesting tote. It has a clear message: don't eat those donuts!

Print Your Full Color Customized Design

You can use a color company logo if you already have one.

 Design Your Company Logo On Full Color Printed Bags. Print it along with your message.  Many small businesses and organizations don't have a vibrant logo ready for use. These are some alternatives to professionally-designed logos.

A simple background in one color will pair your brand name well with it

Place your brand name on a blurred image that you have taken

To grab the attention, print your message in a variety of colors

Branding custom printed totes have the advantage of plenty of space for imprinting. You can use that space to be creative. Take a look at these quick tips from our designer for small business logo design ideas.