Modern technologies used in dentistry

Smile is the best way to create an impression when you want to socialize. So, it is important to take care of your teeth and gums and maintain good health for them. Most of the people suffer from oral problems and they spend huge amount of money in getting treatment for oral care. As there is advancement in technology, new medical devices are being used for treatment. Laser dentistry, digital x-rays, dental implants, DIAGNOdent, intraoral camera are the few technologies in modern dentistry.

Laser dentistry

Though it had been approved by FDA in 90’s itself, it is coming in to practice now and becoming a mainstream source for treating oral health problems. A very few dentists offer this service but this number is likely to increase. It has some advantages over the traditional methods of treatment like:

  • Possibility of infections is reduced
  • Decrease in swelling and bleeding
  • Less pain during the procedures

Digital x-rays

As per some stats, the radiations from the traditional x-rays are harmful and it will take few hours to get it. Digital x-rays contain less radiation and as soon as the x-ray is done doctor can see the image on the screen and can also zoom in to figure out the problems. Digital x-rays contain 90% less radiations than traditional x-rays.


DIAGNOdent is a device used to figure out the cavities at the places where the regular x-rays can’t detect. This device makes sure that your mouth has been checked thoroughly to detect all the possible oral problems you have and helps to avoid them so that they won’t have to suffer from oral health problems in future.

Intraoral camera

Intraoral camera is a device used to gain precise image of the places in patient’s mouth where the doctors cannot see. It has an advantage that doctors can show these images to patients and help them to understand their oral problem and can guide them to overcome them.