Pipe tobacco are generally leaves of tobacco burnt and smoked within a pipe. Pipe tobaccos will smell and taste great. Homogenized pipe tobacco wrapper is special about this. They produce either sweet or aromatic smell always. Most of the pipe tobacco are machine made. Tobacco may range from highly expensive to very cheap. Tobacco pipes may also vary in price but in quality too. 

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Pipe tobaccos are mainly three in types: aromatic, non-aromatic and English blend.

Aromatic pipes are manufactured by adding casing favour to the tobacco like chocolate, plum, vanilla, cherry, rum, liquor etcetera. They can be classified as deep aromatic or semi-aromatic depending on the amount of casing flavour used.

Non-aromatic: Fermented tobaccos are used to increase the sweetness. Natural tobacco retains the aroma and flavour fresh for every smoke. 

English blend: They are non-aromatic and contains oriental tobaccos. It consists of latakia, Virginia and perique. Full bodied, mild, or medium English blends are available.

Nice branded pipe tobaccos must be packed in vacuum sealed packets, tins or canscanswhich contains humidifying agents which keep them fresh and moist.

Most popular types of tobacco used: Virginia, burley, Cavendish, Latakia, oriental, perique, Kentucky etcetera.

Virginia: Their strength may differ. Strong or week tobacco is available. Generally, milder ones are used. Among other pipe tobaccos, it has a higher amount of sugar content which adds a sweet flavour. Due to increased sugar content, it may easily suffer from heat so that, smoking them with patience only allows the completeness. Flavours of caramel, dry fruits,  lemon are available. Virginia tobacco may appear in different colours, darker to lighter but promises wonderful experience.

Burley: They are dry in nature and easily absorbs the added flavours. Hence they are dry and do not suffer from heat suddenly. They have also colour variation like dark brown with a taste of chocolate and nuts.  They are well popular.

Cavendish: These tobaccos are gentle and mild tobacco with a natural essence. Casings are added for aroma and taste. Taste of vanilla, strawberry, cherry, rum, whisky, liquor etcetera can be enjoyed

Latakia: Mainly process in Northern Syria. Herbs, aroma agents and tobacco leaves are brought under controlled fire and manufacturing are done in a different manner. It has an exotic or spicy flavour.

Oriental: special kind of tobacco grown in Russia, Balkans and Turkey. They have a sour aroma and are dry and dusty. They have an intense and spicy flavour.

Peeique: It’s rare they grow in specific regions.and special tasting tobacco. Direct smoking is not preferred as it simply contains a lot of nicotine. They are strong, spicy and tasty.

Kentucky: They are much like latakia tobaccos. But are smoky in taste. They are gentle and not that strong. They are aromatic too.

Smoking pipes are good to health as some studies have proven that pipe smoking people could live four or five years longer than the rest. Pipe tobacco may control shangles and respiratory annoyances. It may increase concentration and make the brain work actively.