Speed Bumps: Advice On Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are raised bumps made from special, highly resilient plastics or recycled materials installed across the road to reduce the speed at important traffic points. In this context, they are often referred to as speed bumps or speed ramps. Due to the differently colored modules, there are long speed bumps in black and yellow warning colors. Thanks to the eye-catching color scheme and integrated reflectors, the road bumps are visible in the dark or poor weather conditions, even from a great distance. In our online shop, you can get speed thresholds made of recycled material or polypropylene, depending on the model with a soft PVC coating, which convinces a long service life and resilience.

What Are The Road Bumps Used For?

Reducing the speed at dangerous spots in front of construction sites, driveways, driveways, or areas that are difficult to see

Traffic calming in residential areas, city centers, and in the vicinity of schools, hospitals, and playgrounds.

Reduction of the risk of accidents due to excessive speed

Increasing the safety of all road users

Do Road Bumps Have To Be Approved?

The responsible traffic authority must approve the installation of speed bumps in public areas. In non-public areas, it is necessary to ask the property owner for permission, as the speed bumps or speed bumps in surfaces such as asphalt and concrete are fixed with dowels and screws or fastening bolts. Even a company or private site must always remain safe to drive despite the thresholds.

The Advantage When Using Road Sleepers

Speed ​​reduction is possible at specific points

  • No costly renovation work required
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Different models available depending on the desired target speed
  • Inexpensive
  • It can be expanded as required using the plug-in system with tongue and groove on the individual modules
  • Low risk of tripping for cyclists and pedestrians thanks to suitable end elements
  • ideal for temporary use
  • easy removal possible (if not glued)
  • reusable