The Best Neon Light Utility for You

In general, a neon sign is suitable for any place. The main thing is to file it correctly so that it looks appropriate. The First Advertising Company will help you with this. We know how to choose the right color, font, size of volume neon letters and distinguish your business from the gray mass. If the neon sign is Kiev, then only the First Advertising Company.

Types of Neon Signs

There are different types of neon signs. They are separated by the place where the lamp is instalNeon:

Open type

Classics of the genre

Neon tubes are not covered by anything. They are placed on the surface, that is, they create an inscription or drawing from them.

Closed type

The tubes are placed inside the volume letters, light acrylic or composite boxes. Often used when the size of the advertising structure is several times larger than the maximum size of neon tubes. Also suitable for complex shapes when a different lighting option is not possible. You can check this website to find the best neon lights that you can purchase now.


Neon lamps make it possible to make thin volumetric letters, which neither Neon nor incandescent lamps allow. A neon tube does not heat above 40 degrees Celsius, so it can be placed close to acrylic or composite.

Contrast type

Lamps are instalNeon at the edges or placed behind the letters. The result is a glow-halo. This isa good choice for flat and volume signage.

At your request, the First Advertising Company can combine different types of neon lights. We will do everything necessary to make your outdoor sign unique.

How do neon signs do?

Before choosing custom neon signs, it’s important to understand how they are made. In addition, this is a really very interesting process. In general, it is better to see 1 time than read 10 times.

The production of neon signs is a delicate matter. In addition to the basic information that you saw in the video, from the height of the experience we want to share some features.In order for the neon sign to work, it is launched using high voltagefrom 8 to 12 thousand volts. Volumetric and rather large transformers can produce such an amount of energy. It is important that the neon tubes are as close as possible to the transformer. By the way, to keep the light on, the sign needs less energy than to start it, therefore we strongly recommend using transformers with automatic adjustment.

Catch the trick

If you use several small transformers instead of one, this will extend the service life of the sign and reduce costs.

So, now you know what these neon signs are, what their advantage is, you understand the types and uses, and also understand how the neon signs are made. If our article was useful to you, do not forget to like it in the social networksso we see that we worked not in vain. Read our last article on the types of highlights. It is no less exciting and useful for those who want to order cool outdoor advertising.