Using Power Sockets

Owing to the importance of technological gadgets like phones and laptops in running the daily affairs of individuals, it won't be straightforward for the modern-day traveler not to move around with the right gear. Moving around to a country like Europe from the US, one needs to be equipped with the right equipment, and Conversion plug (ปลั๊ก แปลง ,which is the term in Thai) as their socket outlets differ from those in the US.

It is also important to travel around with a power converter (also called a transformer deals with converting the European 220v to accommodate the electrical devices of America at 110vs), and a Power adapter (ปลั๊ก แปลง ไฟ ,which is the term in Thai). Some hotel rooms do not have enough wall sockets, owing to the high level of expenses electricity costs them.  The best device to travel with would be the adapter, preferably an all-in-one adapter. This is because the socket outlets differ from one region or city to another. Bear in mind that different countries use different types of sockets or plugs. A high percentage of the European countries uses the C or E/F type plugs, Italy uses the type L plug, while places like Ireland and the UK uses the type G sockets. It is essential to know about the voltage of the country you're going to, or else you could get yourself electrocuted, cause a blackout or burn your adapter if you plug a high volt item like a  hairdryer into a standard line.

Should you travel with any high volt item, you can consider buying them in the city you are visiting, matching the power requirements of the country or city.

A few tips you would need to consider

  1. Purchase the right gear for your devices.
  2. Know the countries you'll be traveling to and their power requirements
  3. Know which method you are carrying requires a power converter because most electronic devices like the laptops already have a system of adapting to voltage changes.