9 Secrets To Returning To BJJ Following An Injury

Anyone who’s into sports can relate how challenging it is to return to your sports of choice following a serious injury. If you’ve taken Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Manassas VA classes and you’ve been unfortunately injured -- it will take some time before you can return to your normal playing condition.

In this article, we are spilling nine secrets on how to make your BJJ comeback as smooth as possible.

Keep in mind that it will take some time. Patience is indeed a virtue, especially when you are an athlete or sports enthusiast who has been injured. It will take some time to be able to return to your original condition and capabilities, so make sure to take things slowly instead of pressuring yourself to do great in a short period of time.

Set small, realistic goals. To make the most of your healing and transition phases, it’s important to set small goals that are possible for you to achieve -- given your current situation. In the process, don’t forget to do a self-assessment to check whether you are still on track or not.

Do not think about demoting your belt ranking. It will take some time to regain your muscle memory and playing instinct -- but it does not mean that you would not be able to get there. While you’re still on the process of recovery, don’t get too anxious and never ask for a demotion.

Carefully plan your training schedule. Once you have the green light to start attending therapies and training, bear in mind that you have to keep your schedule well-aligned. Apart from your regular routine (e.g. Going to work/school), you need to set aside time for your sports-related activities.

Attend beginner BJJ classes. It is highly advisable for returning BBJ enthusiasts to take beginner Jiu Jitsu Manassas VA classes first. This will help you condition your mind and body before taking on classes for players with higher belt rankings.

Find the right training partner. Your training partner plays a vital role in your smooth transition from being injured to going back to your original playing condition. Look for one who can assist you in doing drills and who can help you move at a good pace during training.

Drill independently. Sports enthusiasts and athletes are known for their high level of commitment to their respective sports. If you are coming from an injury, you must put in extra effort to "re-acquaint" your body with your sports of choice. If you’re into Jiu Jitsu Manassas VA, it’s vital that you also drill independently to help you regain your skills and conditioning.

Avoid doing painful positions. Keep in mind that you should not overexert yourself when making your BBJ comeback. One of the major things you need to avoid is doing painful positions -- it can only make your injury worse, and prolong the period before you can go back to your original conditioning.

Clean up your diet. Last but not least, you should also be careful about the food you eat. Now that you are returning to BBJ, you would need more sources of energy and nutrition. But this doesn’t allow you to eat whatever -- it is safest to eat natural meals like fruits and vegetables.

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