A New Treatment Approach for Becoming More Independent

Fighting addiction follows a new approach using science-based treatment strategies. A new approach to treatment could provide individuals suffering from addiction with a way to find new hope and a achieve successful recovery. Reviewing a new treatment approach to becoming more independent shows the addict a better way to fight addiction and create the life they want.

Independent Living in Treatment

A new approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation gives residents a chance to have their own living space in a real home. While, yes, the patients have immediate access to a full staff, they live independently from the treatment facility. This new approach helps the addict from detox to rebuilding their lives and starting something new. The patient can bring their belongings with them and make their rooms feel more like home while they undergo treatment.

Treatment and Therapy for Addiction

All residents receive the full benefits of drugor alcohol treatment with licensed counselors who help the patients through detoxification and therapy. All patients undergo cognitive behavior therapy and relationship therapy. The new approach focuses on the positives and doesn't blame the patient for their addiction rather it shows them how to create new brain pathways and learn something new about themselves and about life. Addiction is co-dependent, and the addict approaches their lives through addiction depending on the effects of the drugs or alcohol. By becoming more independent, the individual reshapes their lives and stands on their own without their addiction.

The Building Blocks for a New Life

The counselor helps the individual identifying the building blocks for their new life. Through therapy, the patient discovers who they are as a person and what they want out of life. This new approach helps the patient and their counselor identify each step for this new life plan. Identifying these building blocks helps the patient define their milestones and what steps to take to achieve these new goals. As the patients learn new concepts about how to achieve their new life, the new brain pathways present positive effects on the individual, and their fight against addiction. Individuals who want to learn more about this new approach to addiction can read a profile for ARC Rehab Portsmouth right now.

Not the Standard Rehab Program

Traditional rehab facilities require the patient to enter into a clinical setting and leave the facility at the end of the treatment program. With this new science-based program, the patient stays in an independent living home and receives assistance from the staff. At the end of the program, the patient comes and goes as they choose, but they still have the help needed to rebuild their life. The goal is to not only fight addiction but to help the individual achieve their goals and create a new life.

A better life is possible through rehabilitation and therapy. Addiction presents detrimental effects on the individual and everyone in their lives. A new science-based approach presents addicts with a home in which to recover and rebuild their lives. Individuals who want to get help can contact a counselor now.