Blue-light Exposure: Obstacles and Solutions for Young Adults

As technology advances our desire to have such gadgets advances as well. Many of the most popular devices used as of today would include items such as laptops, touch screen tablets, iPhones, and more. Although these devices certainly serve their purpose you could be putting your health at risk. Long term exposure to blue light can cause severe dehydration and all sorts of health-related issues. So what is blue light anyway?

What Is Blue Light?

Blue light is considered harmful to you for many reasons. It's known for effecting your melatonin by reducing the eye's ability to produce it. This hormone is important because it helps to regulate sleep.

Simply leaving your computer on in your room over a long period of time will have an impact on your health. The cost of eye surgery can be quite expensive. Thankfully there are companies online that can fix your eyesight for a reasonable fee here.

Causes Dehydration

Many people that sit in front of a computer screen for very long periods of time will suffer the following symptoms. You may notice your eyes becoming dry and red. This is due to the blue UV light ray causing your overall body dehydration. You may notice extreme yellow urine. Depending on how long you have been on the computer the blue light can cause so much dehydration until you began urinating more vitamins and minerals than usual.

If this cycle continues you will experience paleness of skin. This could be a sign that the important nutrient folate has been reduced. When this important nutrient is lacking you will experience constipation. Another common sign is cottonmouth. Your mouth may become dry and unable to rehydrate easily using water alone. It' hard to imagine that blue light could affect ones overall quality of life. However, it can!

The light in nature itself is able to rehydrate our bodies due to the life force within the air. Unfortunately, blue light dehydrates the air and causes an imbalance. Which is why if technology takes over the entire world the light it exudes will one day affect the overall quality of our living environments. What should you do if your career requires you to stay glued to a blue light device all day?

Reduce The Effect

You can reduce the effects of blue light by following the steps outlined. Dehydration obviously causes blood circulation to decrease. What you can do is perform a quick exercise two times per day to help with increasing oxygen and blood flow.

Simply stand up and with the palms of your hands facing towards you move your hands in and out from your chest as fast as you can. Don't worry about counting. While your performing task one, you are also bending your legs up and down as fast as you can. Do this for about 10 to 15 minutes.

You are multitasking to produce better circulation and reduce hypertension which is one of the effects of long term blue light exposure. Sometimes drinking water alone may not be enough to rehydrate your body. What you'll need to do also is drink Pedialyte every now and then to put the electrolytes back into your body.

Pedialyte provides more hydration faster than water alone. Consult with your physician if need be. Also, try opening windows to allow the air from outside to balance your computer environment. Purchasing a blue light computer screen filter to block some of the blue light is an option as well.

Keep in mind that you also have the option of purchasing blue light filtering glasses to reduce the risk of exposure. These glasses often look like any other type of eyeglasses but their purpose is to protect your eyes. F.lux is also a program that you can install to your phone or pc to enable you to control the blue light by choosing light settings that will adapt to the lighting of your environment. If you suspect your eyes are damaged from long term exposure from blue light technology do yourself a favour and contact an eye specialist that can help.