Common Signs You Are Taking Fake Drugs For Medication

Since the number of competitors has increased in the medical niche, the birth of fake counterfeits has also taken place. There are some legal and authorized medial stores where you will always find genuine medicines, but this is not the case with everyone. For short term profit, many unauthorized medical stores are dealing in fake medicines and are selling the same, without bothering about its harmful outcomes.

Now when the entire pharmacies have migrated to the online platform, the problem has even increased. In countries like Canada, Drugs are permitted to sell online after legal permission. Hence you will find Canada Drugs to be genuine without having a second opinion.

But what if you are taking the fake counterfeit from an unauthorized store? Well below are some common signs that clearly tell you the truth.

Getting No Health Result- Even after following the medical prescription, there is no improvement seen in your body. This is the clear sign of some issue that is associated with your medicine. This can generally be caused either by inappropriate prescription or fake medicines that are delivering zero output. So, if you are also getting zero output from the medicine, you should consult your doctor with the medicines you are currently using.

Medicines with Least Price Tag: As there is huge competition in terms of online shopping, even the medical industry is affected by it. In order to boost one's sales, illegal websites showcase fake medicines with a jaw-dropping price tag. Allured with such an offer, people consider buying from those platforms without checking the website authority.

Medicine Side Effects: If you are getting negative results (instead of positive) there are two possibilities associated. Either you are getting medicine that doesn’t suit your body or you are taking fake medicines. You can check the medicine details mentioned on its leaf to know whether the medicine is genuine or not. In case of its side effect, you should immediately consult the doctor to cross-check the authenticity of the medicines.

Buying Medicine without Prescription: There are two types of medicine i.e. prescription based medicines and non-prescription based medicines. If you want to buy the prescription based medicines you need to share a valid prescription by the doctor. But if you can buy such medicines without submitting your prescription, there is a loophole in the seller or the online pharmacy.

Note: If you follow some common tricks you can easily help you sort toe fake websites and block them from your list. The tricks include:

  • Check HTTPS
  • Check Legal validity of the online pharmacy
  • Read complete information about the medicine.

The motto of sharing this knowledge is to let you know about fake medicines and drugs industry which is harmful to humanity. According to the sources, there are fake medicines in the industry that costs about $200bn. So, you can easily imagine the harm of this fake market. All in all, before you make online/offline purchaseyou should always stay attentive and look for the common points to ensure buying the genuine medicines. Also, prefer considering the legal and authorised medical store to buy your prescription.