Factors that differentiate the online slot machine games

Gambling online, an overview


What will you do if you do not need to go out for a physical casino, but you can play it online? The comfort of sitting inside the home and playing casino games with a computer will be rewarding for everyone. As the need for a physical casino in their town is destroyed, more people are getting into the concept of online gambling. If you have an internet connection, you can search for a reliable casino website and start playing by depositing your real money. These websites will have almost all the games you will find in a nearby casino. Slot machine games are the most popular among them, and almost every website will provide them. For instance, slotxo is a reliable casino specialized in slot machine games. Based on various factors, slot games are classified as many versions. In this article, let us discuss some of these types in brief. 


Types of online slots


Slot machine games are guessing games in which you will choose a character that you feel will end up falling below the pay line after the spin of the reels. So, the vital factors in a slot game are the reels and pay lines. Apart from these, you can find a difference in the theme of the slot machine. So, you can categorize slot machine games as below. 


The difference in the number of reels and pay lines


Reel slots – Reel slots are the classical slots that will have three reels and a single pay line to play. If you wish to play reel slots, you should select the symbol and place your bet. After that, you should press the spin button on the screen to start the rotation of these three reels. If you wait for some time, the reels will stop. The horizontal pay line will fall, crossing three symbols, one of each reel. If these three symbols are the same and are what you have chosen, you win. 


Video slots – You will play similarly to reel slots. In video slots, there will be several pay lines. The minimum number of pay lines is nine, and it can go up to a thousand-plus. So, you will choose a symbol along with the pay line to consider at the end. You will win if the chosen pay line falls over the selected symbols in a row. The payout amount will be high compared to reel slots since you will not win frequently in these games. It is tough to predict the right combination under the selected pay line. 


Progressive slots – These are ordinary slots with an increased size of the jackpot. Once a player adds his bet amount to a slot game in the casino, a part of it will go to the Jackpot. Whoever wins the progressive slot will win the entire Jackpot. 


Difference in themes 


You can find various themes on modern-day slot machine games that will differentiate the playing experience of the gamblers.