Gifts for teens - Technology Gadgets Versus Traditional Toys

Technologies are everywhere and keeping this in mind, increasing numbers of people are utilizing various kinds of technology often.

A current survey conducted through the Intelligence Group shows that kids more and more prefer technology gadgets, for example cell phones, tablets, iPads, video games and so forth, within the classical toys.

Two-thirds from the 800 children surveyed mentioned they would rather possess a gadget bought on their behalf rather of toys to experience with. Around 35% from the children surveyed, owned a cell phone and 28% owned a pc tablet, which incredibly had risen from 5% just 2 yrs ago.

Whatever became of just playing outdoors with buddies making dens, playing hide and go seek etc till meal time? I am not to imply that children should not use technology, but it is the truth that there's a significant amount of influence and pressure to allow them to own the most recent gadget and for that reason, don't wish to do stuff that kids ought to be.

Exactly What The Experts Say

Experts inside the IT industry contain the opinion of those findings following your rules as children between 7 and 13 can now get access to growing levels of information and then make use of their 'entrepreneur' skills. Is that this a great factor though? Should children get access to information that may be disturbing to allow them to find out about? However could information which is utilized by children online be censored better, not just by parents but by government bodies to create internet browsing safer for kids?

So how exactly does market research have the ability to illustrate these results? They just can't, unless of course they execute extensive research around the kids themselves and that i highly doubt this.

The 'experts' might think that this is actually the situation, however, they cannot say for several that children using technology gadgets from your young age can give the children which use them, more possibility of owning their very own business or just being more creative etc. Nobody knows yet, however i don't believe it is extremely healthy for children, especially aged 12 and under, to possess technology gadgets.