How Dirty Is Floodwater And Why You Should Hire Restoration Pros

Floods can be devastating, and they are considered as among the most lethal weather even in the country. It is a serious, life-threatening danger. But it is also very damaging. In 2018 alone, floods have caused billions of dollars worth of damage to properties in the US.

It can seem like floods are non-threatening, especially in terms of its potential to damage property. This is understandable, as most of the floods the average homeowner experiences are the more passive ones that cause standing water more than physical damage. But even then, floods can damage properties more than you know—particularly in Wisconsin, where floods happen often due to thunderstorms and rapid snowmelts. flood damage repair, Milwaukee, Wisconsin is important because of this.

The hazards of floodwater

But is flood water really that damage, when it does include strong currents and does not seem to damage your property immediately.

While standing water seems harmless, it actually isn’t. The presence of floodwater in your home already poses danger to your home particularly because of water damage which could, at the very least, destroy paint and cause discoloration in your home, and, at worst, could be a serious health hazard.

For one, standing water could cause the growth of mold in your home. Exposure to mold can cause a number of health effects, including nasal and throat irritation, intense allergic reactions, and skin diseases.

It should also be noted that floodwater—even if it looks clean and clear—is dirty and could cause adverse health conditions in itself. This is a reason why people are advised to stay out of floodwater, and why it has no place at home. In any case, flood waste can contain many contaminants including human and animal waste, medical and household waste, carcinogenic materials, animals such as rats and snakes, and other hazardous elements and materials.

Naturally, exposure to this can lead to many diseases such as gastrointestinal illnesses, skin infections, and even serious ailments such as hepatitis and Legionnaires’ disease.

The advantage of a pro

Of course, this is the reason why you should consider professionals to do your Flood damage repair, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Floodwater is both damaging to your home and hazardous to your health and should be dealt with immediately. Many homeowners choose to wait it out to let the floodwater subside naturally. This is a mistake as the damage of floodwater intensifies if you let it stand still longer.

Professional flood damage repair, Milwaukee, Wisconsin deals with many services, including drying and extraction, as well as decontamination and cleaning. Both are important; before you decontaminate, you need to make sure the floodwater is gone from your house, and your home is properly dried. Flood damage repair also deals with home repairs and replacement, since floodwater could have damaged other parts of your house, particularly is structural elements (wood and metal, after all, are susceptible to water damage). Floodwater could mean other areas of your house (and its surroundings) could be damaged too, so professional flood damage repair, Milwaukee, Wisconsin could easily check and assess if your house is out of the woods when it comes to the dangers of extreme weather conditions.

Flood damage can be pretty overwhelming but not when you tap the services of flood damage repair, Milwaukee, Wisconsin company. Contact us today at Emergency Restoration Specialists and we'll be there to help.