How to find the best TV and movie streaming service for you

Nowadays there are situations where everyone has a premium membership on the TV, movie streaming platforms. It is no exaggeration to say that in the days to come every single citizen will be a member of the OTT Premium. At the moment we need to know which streaming platform is the best. So if we know the features of the video streaming platforms available, the latest telugu movies in it, the web series, the owner who runs that streaming platform, we will know which video streaming platform is correct. And what is the best TV, video and movie streaming platform available to us?

While knowing about the best TV and movie streaming services for your entertainment needs, the content in the platform must be fit for your requirements. Also, should observe the content on the platform whether they included adult content, nude, semi nude content with web series and movies, which may pollute your children’s psychology. Some international TV, video, movie streaming platforms have vulgarity and nude content in the name of web series and some exclusive movies. Even though they providing excellent quality of videos, high quality TV and

movie streaming, but some platforms are not giving much priority to Telugu content, family values through their exclusive releases. So, that cannot be entertained by the whole family and may face some unknown psychic problems in the family members too.

'Aha Videos' familiar to Telugu audience

Take a family in the Telugu audience, for example, while streaming all the Telugu TVs to the women in it, they forget about serials on TV, including web shows like ‘All Is Well with Suma’, as well as live Telugu web series like Metro Kathalu, Locked, Sin, KothaPoradu, #Shattappens, Mastis offering release. It also offers all-time hit films like ChotaBheem, Hanuman vs.Mahiravana, Ganesh, Mighty Raju in a wonderful mythological animation series for children in the family. Romantic, Funny Elements, Feel Good Love Stories like Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna, Krishna and His Leela, OreyBujjiga, Jallikattu, Bangaru Thalli, Johar, Trance, 36 vayasulo, etc for youth and middle aged audience in a family and presents by Aha videos.

In terms of video quality, it offers videos, web series and movies in full HD quality without compromising on the quality of other top OTT platforms. 

In terms of annual premium, other OTT platforms charge at least Rs 1000 and above, while Aha Videos is charging just Rs. 365 (currently) only under the annual premium.

If you want to know how far this platform will go in the future, you need to know about the person who founded this platform. Allu Arvind is the iconic producer of Tollywood. His taste makes sense when you look at the movies he has produced. Allu Arvind has given many blockbuster hits and masterpiece movies in the past. He is still a successful person as a producer. If such a person is behind the aha video platform, one can only imagine what that platform will look like in the near future.