Know can you smoke shrooms for an enhanced experience

Several types of shrooms exist of which some are poisonous, and the others are consumed for their amazing flavors. The shrooms which are also known as magic mushrooms after consumption will take you to another magical world. They have psychedelic effects and are also used to cure various mental conditions like anxiety and depression.

Shrooms contain hallucinogenic compounds known as psilocybin and psilocin which helps to trigger your mood and give you a feeling of happiness. Here you will find the answer to the question which many have in their mind, and that is can you smoke shrooms?

Can you smoke shrooms?

The short answer to this question is yes. Psilocybin burns at around 180 degrees, so if it reaches this temperature then the compound is destroyed. So, you can smoke shrooms but at a lower temperature. When you some it at a lower temperature then it's not effective, because the effects are not long-lasting.

Also smoking it feels like you are smoking a joint because first, you have to grind the shrooms, then you have to wrap it in tobacco paper, and then you have to roll and glue it. Many people add weed to the shrooms to enhance their overall experience. Some people ingest mushrooms and then smoke.

Is smoking shrooms dangerous?

The answer to the question can you smoke shrooms is yes, but when it comes to smoking then there are several risks which are mentioned below –

  1. General smoking risks – as you know that smoking is injurious to health because it contains harmful toxins and particulates that damages lung tissues and blood vessels. This increases the chance of lung cancer. If you will smoke shrooms with tobacco, then you will also have to bear risks related to tobacco.

  1. Mold Spores – the mold spores in the shrooms damage your lungs more. When you inhale mold then it increases the risk of lung inflammation and infections. A person having mold allergy, or a weekend immune system should not inhale molds because it can lead to serious health conditions.

  1. Bad trips – when you smoke psilocybin if you don't have any psychoactive experience then note that smoking shrooms can take you on bad trips. You can have effects like a panic attack, hallucinations, not being able to differentiate between fantasy and reality.

  1. Physical side effects – smoking shrooms can have effects like nausea, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, muscle weakness, vomiting, uncoordinated movement, abdominal cramps, and diarrhoea.

  1. Psychological side effects – when you smoke higher dosage then you can do things that you usually don't do if you are in normal condition.

Though you can smoke shrooms if you are a beginner then it's recommended that you do not because there are spores inside the mushroom, and when you smoke it the spores get stuck in your lungs. This can choke your lungs, and also cause respiratory problems. So smoking shrooms is not a good idea if you don't want to destroy your health, you can ingest it for experiencing psychedelic feelings.