Three Reasons to dabble in the powerful psychedelic

Although the powerful drug of ayahuasca has been known to create a lot of medical benefits, the psychoactive component in it called the DMT creates heavily hallucinogenic effects which may prove to be dangerous for some. This plant vine is native to the rainforests of the Amazon river basin which has paved the way for the spiritual tourism and ekes in considerable amounts of money for the communal living of the tribes.  This is one of the reasons that ayahuasca has proved the way for spiritual tourism and people take to it like fish is to water, as studies have proved that it is a very useful antidote in healing mental and physical problems. However, people should be aware of the side effects as well.

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This spirit vine is concocted by the plant medicines which include banisteropsis caapi and chacruna plant.   This plant potion is to be taken in a special ceremony mostly conducted at night under the leadership of a reliable and experienced shaman.  It invokes purging which consists of excessive nausea, hallucinations and diarrhea. It is important that the health conditions of each participant are monitored and the right dosage decided for each one. There have been far reaching effects of this yage brew which include mental issue resolves like depression, anxiety attacks, stress relief, post traumatic stress disorder and many physical ailments like cancer, rheumatism and diabetes.  A life altering experience faced by Casey Schwartz is a prime and first hand example of how it creates better life conditions albeit with physical and psychological risks

1. Substance abuse addictions 

It may sound unbelievable but the ayahuasca drink has been known to be effective in helping to cope with alcohol and tobacco addictions. This does not say that a sip of the drink and your addictions will vanish overnight. But evidences and witnesses have reported feeling much more relieved after a therapy at an ayahuasca retreat. So it can be concluded that this herbal brew brings forth positive factors which help in reducing addictions.

2. Overcoming mental problems

If you are depressed or suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, unable to lay your demons to rest, an ayahuasca trip might be the answer. While it cannot bring forth a magical cure and enchanting life style, a well researched and systematically conducted ayahausca treatment can bring you into a positive perspective and high life condition.

3. Decreasing suicidal tendencies

It is again subject to debate. But authentic claims have been made decrease suicidal tendencies in individuals through the effective usage of ayahausca. But these factors should be met with a trained and skilled shaman in a conducive environment to have the desired effects.
Reading up a full information is always essential before opting for an ayahuasca treatment.