Tips on Where to Place Your Home Security Cameras

Securing our homes is a priority and should always be a priority among all others. Whether you already have security systems at home or planning to install home security cameras indoors and outdoors, it is an undeniable fact that security cameras can help prevent intrusions, break-ins and theft. Therefore you must learn the best positions to place your home security cameras.

Setting Up Security Cameras

Home security cameras can help catch intruders and thieves and assist police find the culprits by providing visual proof of the crime and their faces as well. Not only that, but security cameras can also discourage would-be thieves or robbers from breaking-in your home. If culprits see that you have security cameras outside, they are less likely to attempt breaking in.

Therefore, you need to set up your security cameras where potential intruders will notice while also protecting them from getting damaged. Placing them 9 feet from the ground or floor making it out of reach from someone standing but close enough to capture a good image. Also, protect your security camera by shielding it with wire mesh or the like. It may also help prevent damage from an intruder throwing anything at the camera.

So, where to set up your security cameras?

Front Door

The front door is the primary area for setting up a security camera. A front door camera should face guests as they come towards and in front of the door. In this primary location, a camera should be noticeable to visitors but also out of reach.

Keyhole cameras are useful for viewing visitors at the door, but they are right at eye level, easy for an intruder to block. Thus, a keyhole camera alone is not enough to provide front door security.

Back Door and other Side Doors

Just like with the front door, set up also a security camera at your backdoor and other side doors. Backdoors are the most common break-in location since they are less evident than front doors and provide convenient and easy access to your home.

Also, setting up here is recommended because, just like front doors, it is visible to anyone at the door and has a full view of anyone approaching it. You may also want to make your home even safer by considering other locations such as the garage, basement, and the second floor.

Indoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras are indeed the most critical locations to set up your security cameras to catch and deter intruders from breaking-in. But indoor cameras also as effective as those with outdoor cameras

If there are indoor rooms with valuables, having security cameras in them can help you get images of intruders if these areas are the targets.

For your basement, consider setting up a camera focused on the stairway to capture images of an intruder coming up the stairs. The said location may require motion-detection and night vision capacity because the staircases are mostly dark areas.


It is important for backyards (or garden areas) to have security lighting and security cameras installed because once intruders get access to the back of your house, they are much less noticeable to neighbors. Set up security cameras with wide angles to cover the main area where intruders are possible to trespass.

It is also ideal for installing a camera with good camera specs, motion detection technology, wireless, weather resistance, night vision capacity, and smart siren features. Most desired features are available in Blink and Arlo series of security cameras. However, if you are unsure which one to choose, compare Arlo vs Blink by investigating their specs and features.