Which is your favorite Indian Rummy Variant & Why?

Out of all the card games that exist on online platforms, most people play rummy. Rummy happens to be one of the most popular games among all. Today there exist numerous types of rummy games on various platforms. In India, rummy fame is known for years and is an integral part of family gatherings. One can opt for any of the online playing rummy platforms and enjoy playing the virtual game.

Multiple variants of rummy make it ideal for different groups of people. If you are a newcomer to the rummy game, you must learn all the guidelines about the different variations.

Even though Indian rummy is the most popular variation, some people play together, adding different rounds for switching up things together. You would not like to lose the chance of winning just because of being unfamiliar with other variants.

Keeping all these in mind, the following are a few of the popular variations for online rummy games.

Pool rummy

While playing 101 pool rummy, one must ensure that the players make more than 101 points. Conversely, when one plays 201 pool rummy, he/she must ensure that the other players make more than 201 points. At the same time, the player himself has to keep his/her point score under 201.

Points rummy

Points rummy, also known as 80 points rummy, is a basic version of rummy, and many beginners and newcomers enjoy playing this game format before moving further to the harder ones. Here the players select point values that they are comfortable with and later play accordingly.

At the end of the round, the calculation of points is based on the players’ performances. There is a fixed formula to calculate the points. Formula: Winnings = (total points of all losing players) * (points value) – rummy culture fee.

Deals Rummy

The name itself suggests that this version of rummy is played for a specific number of deals. There, one can opt from the list of values. In the beginning, the players get the number of chips. At the end of the final agreement, the players are ranked based on the chips they have. There exists a fixed formula to calculate the value. The formula is Player winnings = (entry fee) * (number of players at the table) – rummy culture fee.

Out of all the rummy game variants, one of the most loved and played variants is pool rummy. This particular variant is popular among the players due to its time-consuming and frequent plays. The pool rummy games comparatively take shorter periods to complete each round and eliminate the player. Also, in pool rummy, the game of 101 is relatively faster than that of 201.


These were the popular variants of rummy, and the most preferred one among all is the pool rummy. The reason for the same is also listed in the article. Apart from this, your preferred game can be some other depending on your skills and likings. Hence one must decide his/her preferred game as per the experience and skills.