2019 Maruti Baleno Facelift Variants Explained: Sigma, Delta, Zeta, and Alpha

The 2019 version of the Maruti Baleno facelift debuted in India this year. Maruti Suzuki Baleno on road prices are between the ranges of INR 5.45 Lakh to INR 8.60 Lakh. Since the newly launched Maruti Baleno is a facelift, the design of the one launched now is altered to some extents in the case of the way it has been designed externally.

There are a few additions that have been made to the model and there are a few features and things that have been a part of the model that has been done away with. However, there have been no alterations in the engine specifications. The facelift variants of the new Baleno have been explained below:


The 2019 Maruti Baleno Sigma has been launched in the colours like Nexa Blue, Phoenix Red, Premium Silver Metallic, Magma Grey Metallic, and Pearl Arctic White. The Sigma variant comes with 2 airbags and the seatbelt alert. The Baleno Sigma is made available in the petrol fuel type. The engine type is the VVT. The Sigma has the Air Conditioners which can be operated manually and the Heater has also been made available in the model. The warranty period is of 2 years and the warranty is up to 40000 kilometres.


The 2019 Maruti Suzuki Baleno Delta model comes with the feature of seatbelt alert, 2 airbags, and child seat anchor points. The model is available in the same five colours as mentioned above for the Sigma variant. The fuel type in the Delta variant is also restricted to Petrol and the engine type is VVT. The Delta variant has the heater feature and the Air Conditioner works on the Automatic Climate Control technology. The manufacturer warranty is again the same as the Sigma variant and is for 2 years and 40000 kilometres.


The 2019 Maruti Baleno Zeta variant is restricted to petrol as its fuel and the engine type again is VVT. The Zeta variant like all other variants Maruti Baleno is available in the same five colours. The car has the feature of seatbelt warning and the child seat anchor points, along with 2 airbags as usual for the driver and the co-driver. The Zeta variant has the heater facility as well as the Air Conditioner which works on the Automatic Climate Control technology. The system for communication, information, and entertainment are very user-friendly and the car comes with the Bluetooth connectivity feature along with several other great features. The manufacturer warranty is the same as the Zeta and the Delta variant.


The Alpha variant of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno price on the road starts from INR 8 Lakhs and depends from city to city. It is available in the same five colours as the other variants. It has the same safety features as the other variants. The fuel type, however, in the Alpha variant is Diesel and the variant has heater along with the AC being controlled by the Automatic Climate Control technology. The Alpha variant has similar entertainment, communication, and information features as the Zeta. The manufacturer warranty is the same as the other variants.