4 Things To Consider When Walking Golden Retrievers

It’s an important to walk your dog as a daily exercise routine. Before starting a walking routine, make sure that you have everything you need for a successful, and fun, walk with your golden retriever.

With that in mind, here are some things to consider when creating a successful walking routine:

Choose The Right Leash, Harness Or Collar- when walking golden retrievers, a leash, harness and collar are important for safety. Choosing the right one depends on the characteristics of your dog. If you have a big and energetic dog, a typical leash and collar are probably not adequate. You will need a durable harness and stronger leash to better control your heavyweight dog.

Teach Your Dog To Walk- before walking your dog, make sure that he is professionally trained. Firmly establish yourself as the leader of the pack. Your golden retriever should be familiar with your verbal command, hand gestures and overall body language. Your dog must follow behind you or walk at your side. If you let the dog always stay at the front, he will instinctively be in control. With the right combination of collar/harness and leash, you can make corrections with just a slight tug. Without proper training, you dog will become a persistent puller and it won’t be a comfortable experience.

Things To Bring- despite your best efforts, there are times that your dog might go missing. Make sure that your dog wears an ID tag that includes your phone number and home address. Carry a first aid kit for your dog as well. You need to have enough water and a compact travel drinking bowl for your dog. If the weather is hot and humid, your dog must be regularly hydrated. As a responsible dog owner, clean-up bags are necessary when walking your dog.

Decide Where To Go- if there’s heavy traffic in the area, make sure that there’s also a good sidewalk to ensure your safety. If you walk at night, use a high visibility leash and wear clothing with bright colours. In areas with many plants, make sure that your dog doesn’t walk near them. Some plants can be poisonous to golden retriever puppies.

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