After The Lockdown, Experience Nature In A New Way

It's true, the COVID-19 has disrupted everyone's lifestyle. There is not a single aspect of our existence that has not been affected by this disease and for those who are confined to the home, the stress is increasing.

It is also true that no one, no government in any country knows for sure when we will be able to go out again feeling safe.

That's why we mustn't lose our cool and have hope that things will take their course and what better way to do that than by planning that longed-for trip you've been putting off for reasons that I can assure you are now second nature.

So here's a plan for you, when we finally get out of the house, how about running to the nearest airport and getting on a plane to Maui to lanai snorkeling ?

No, it's not crazy. In that magical place, you'll find green landscapes emerging from the water. If there is something that is not missing, it is green landscapes, with mountains and volcanoes that look like a lie and make us feel inside a movie.

From beaches with the biggest waves in the world, where the most important surfing championships are held, to calm and quiet beaches, or marine reserves where you can snorkel, to novel beaches of green, black, or even pink sand. Volcanoes in the background, green motus on the horizon... are just some of the landscapes you will be able to enjoy. 

As if all this wasn't enough, many of the most famous beaches have picnic spots, bathrooms, showers, and of course, spectacular landscapes that are more than guaranteed! There are countless places from which to observe the landscapes from the heights, which undoubtedly show us that it is difficult to resist the charms of these islands. 

Polynesian culture, mixed with Asian and North American, is undoubtedly a more than attractive mix. Although you can tell you are in the United States, the reality is that in many other ways it is nothing like the rest of the country. This is especially evident in the culture that originated in the islands, of Polynesian origin, which is translated into their gastronomy, typical dances, their language, and the classic Aloha.

Being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you don't have to analyze it much to realize that the marine life in this area is simply spectacular. 

Full of great snorkeling and even scuba diving, you'll be able to see everything from fish of all kinds and colors to the region's native sea turtles, the famous unpronounceable Humuhumunukuapua'a fish native to Hawaii, and even dolphin and whale watching in season.

Maui to Lanai snorkeling is a must. Lanai is a top destination for snorkeling tours. Known for it’s living reefs and breathtaking sea-cliffs, this island is home to many tropical fish species that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Best Maui to lanai snorkeling companies will have small groups at uncrowded snorkel spots on Maui and Lanai where we see tropical fish, turtles, and dolphin watching, a naturist on board, and beginner-Friendly Snorkeling Instruction.

Start now planning your trip and take advantage of some of the discounts or facilities that airlines, travel agencies, and OTAs (Online Travel Agency) are providing to mitigate the negative impact on the sector. At the end of the day, you only live once!