Finer Opportunities for the build a therapy room in your garden Now

Reserved for small storage shelters, it is cheap, but lacks resistance. It is also not very durable: its color passes to the sun, it sometimes deforms as for the ecology.

Bituminous shingles or shingle

It is the economical solution. The roofing, 1 to 1.5 mm thick, is nailed in wide strips directly on the roof panels. Easy to install, it seals with a simple covering. As you check this site you can have the best choices there.


We speak in French of "shingle". It is a roof made up of bituminous plates, positioned like slate tiles. Good weather resistance, choice of colors, it is twice as thick as roofing (3 mm).

Roof tiles

Cover the roof of your shelter with tiles? Forget this idea. The frames of these small constructions are not at all sized to support such a weight.

Some interesting options


Indispensable for "living rooms", it provides any combination garden room with better comfort by isolating moisture from the ground. It also stiffens the structure.


Bags of soil, logs an appreciable addition, which will free up space inside the shelter.

Double door

We generally watch a lot of windows we should pay the same attention to the door. A double door is very convenient to facilitate the passage of garden furniture, a bulky mower.

Where to buy and at what price?

The purchase of a combination garden room is a significant expense. This depends on the quality of the material chosen, the assembly more or less simplified, the level of finish.

For illustration, the thickness of the wood can vary from 12 mm plank panels to 44 mm planks. In the latter case, the walls take more of the small house, with a longevity and insulation obviously higher but the price will not be the same.

For your purchase, you will turn profitably either on the DIY superstores to see the models on display, and take advantage of often very competitive prices at the start of the season either on the websites dedicated to garden equipment: they offer a wide choice and very calculated prices which you can easily compare.

The delivery conditions, as well as the guarantees offered after purchase must be taken into consideration. It is likely that you will need to have your shelter delivered: drop-off at the property line, choice of delivery day, shipping costs offered or not points that can make the difference.

Mandatory declarations

Be sure to comply with the law if you are considering installing a shelter. This may save you a lot of trouble.

Declaration of Works

A simple prior declaration of work is sufficient if the floor area and the footprint of your combination garden room is between 5 and 20 m². A construction of smaller dimensions is exempt from an authorization request.

Building permit

The building permit application is essential as soon as the floor area of ​​the combination garden room or its footprint exceeds 20 m², but also when the destination land does not include any construction beforehand.Note: these rules apply to the general case. In the safeguarded sector, approach your town hall systematically.

For the installation of your combination garden room, you can call on a professional installer or carry out the assembly and installation yourself.

The assembly of the combination garden room

The assembly of a combination garden room, whatever its material, is always simple and quick because the panels are pre-assembled. For wooden shelters, there is an additional type of construction: planks easy to install or planks to fit together thicker, and more resistant.