Benefits Of Using Inverter Chargers For Emergency Power 

If you want to use an inverter that has an intelligent battery charging option, you should use the 3 phase inverter charger. It combines the function of both an inverter and a charger in the same device. The DC power or direct current is converted into alternating current or AC in such inverters chargers. You can use it to provide emergency power when there is power failure at home or office. The inverter mode is switched on during a power failure and the device draws power from the battery. The utility mode switches on when there is power so that battery in the inverter charger is switched on and it starts charging it. 

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The 2 phase inverter charger is also good for proving emergency power during blackouts and power failure. There is an inbuilt transfer switch in the device. The inverter-charger has protection from damage by overload and short circuit. It is not damaged by a very hot temperature and the heating caused by it. It is also resistant to damage by low and high voltages.

A wide range of inverter charger for home use is available for sale in the market and online stores. You need to browse the stores and choose a suitable inverter charger that fulfills your power requirements for the appliances you use at home. The inverter chargers are very useful as a source of emergency power and they are available at an affordable price. 

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Most people like to use inverter charger with auto-transfer switching. You can use this device as a home UPS for your electrical equipment or for use in offices and industries. The inverter uses the charging mode when there is power and continues to charge the device. As soon as the power goes, the inverter shifts to the float mode automatically when it powers your appliances by taking the power stored in the battery. It is useful to have such inverters connected to appliances so that you don’t have any problem during a power failure.