Building Blocks For The ICSE

We know that ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary School Education) is an examination which is conducted for Class 10 students by Council for the India School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) every year in the months of February/March. To clear this significant checkpoint in every student’s life, effective preparations and revisions have to be diligently done prior to the examinations. Also, it is to be noted that creating a strong grip over concepts learnt in previous classes like 8 and 9 would definitely help the students to take up the examinations with great confidence.

The knowledge gained in every class can be thoroughly consumed only if it is interrelated or in connection with the previous classes. The CISCE has made this sure by rightly designing the course curriculum of every class to be a continuation or extension or advancement from the previous class’s curriculum. Thus, this ensures a complete knowledge transfer to students required at a particular level in their academics.

When talking about the Class 9 examinations conducted in schools, it is necessary that a student has acquired a good knowledge from his/her previous class. For any quick references, the Class 8 Concise Selina Solutions is one valuable resource a student can use to brush up concepts and to also have a glimpse of their previous class topics.

Similarly, a student preparing for the ICSE must have a strong interrelated knowledge of class 8 and 9. To get an overview of all the class 9 concepts, the Class 9 Concise Selina Solutions is the correct tool available online 24/7. In addition, students can find easy and reliable textbook solutions explained step-by-step for all questions and importantly it’s available free of cost. 

Students preparing for the ICSE this year can also access the Selina Solutions of Class 10 to boost their preparations and develop strong conceptual knowledge. Additionally, students should also solve many sample papers and previous year question papers to get a clear picture of where one has to concentrate and build strength just before the main examinations. This technique is highly recommended for students preparing for any examinations of their class.