Five Tricks to Make Your Cleaning Less Time Consuming

Do you take so much time cleaning and end up getting tired? these tricks can help you spend less time cleaning.

  1. Clean the Toilet Overnight

Cleaning while you sleep: leave the toilet cleaner and urine stone remover overnight and clean with the toilet brush the next morning after you wake up. Your freshly cleaned toilet is ready - and without any expenditure of time.

  1. Clean Showers

The shower or bathtub is probably the most complicated thing on the day of cleaning. But you can easily combine cleaning your shower: wipe the tiles with the rag after showering and immediately afterward (please do not stand in the shower) spray the fittings and the bathtub. While you dry yourself off, the cleaning agent has time to take effect. You should also have waterlog mats at the entrance of your bathroom.

  1. Sieve for Hair

If your household members do not to remove the stray hair straight away, and you still don't want to risk a clogged drain, you should get yourself a drain strainer. This catches the hair, and you can throw it straight into the bin, even without a crochet hook.

  1. Rub Off Fittings

Limescale stains immediately make the bathroom look unclean, but unfortunately, they appear incredibly quickly. Traces of limescale can be seen on the fittings after showering or washing your hands just once. It is so easy to prevent limescale stains and always have shiny fittings. After washing your hands or showering, polish with a cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth, and your bathroom will always look well-groomed.

  1. Ventilate Daily - Mold Prevention

Mold is caused by moisture in the air. And where is there more than enough of it? Right, in the bathroom. It is, therefore, best to ventilate your bathroom every day! There is a fume cupboard for bathrooms without a window, but it is better always to leave the door a little open so that the air can circulate well.