How to Select Good Business School for Executive MBA?

Executive MBA programme caters to the senior professionals working in the middle management or senior management of the company. This course plays a crucial role in their career growth by enhancing its existing management and leadership skills. The professionals must do thorough research before deciding on the Business school from where they wish to pursue the Executive MBA programme that would give maximum returns. Various factors might be considered before choosing the best executive MBA College.

Although the fee of the course is an essential deciding factor, it is not the only factor. Other factors to be considered can be discussed as below:

  1. Return on Investment (ROI): This factor is of paramount significance in making the decision. Since a professional spends a large portion of his salary in the payment of the course fee, he must calculate the return on investment. In other words, will doing the executive MBA course from an executive MBA college lead to a significant rise in his salary and grade? And is the raise good enough to compensate for the amount that he has spent on making the fee payment? In simpler terms, if the cost he has incurred (food, travelling, stay, course fee) in doing the course is less than the returns he gets, in the form of higher salary and grade, return on investment are positive, and he should pursue the course.
  2. Research the Institute: Researching the college you wish to study is a crucial factor. You must be aware of what the college is offering in terms of the course, fees, faculty, placement, accreditation, infrastructure, etc. Comparing these factors with the other executive MBA colleges will help in deciding. Also, the alumni cell can provide essential information regarding the college reviews and practical benefits of the college post doing the course. Also, reviews received by the college on a public platform can prove to be a big help in depicting the real status of the college.
  3. Expectation of the Future: What the course holds for in the future for the professional doing the course is another significant question. If the executive MBA course from the college of your choice leads to an increase in the number of job opportunities and promotion at a fast track rate in the existing company, it is worth pursuing the course and reaping its benefits.
  4. Latest Updated Syllabus: In the corporate world, it is imperative that every professional keep updating his skills and knowledge to stay in line with market developments. It is therefore advised to choose such an Executive MBA college that imparts the latest syllabus, updating it as per the needs of the market, and uses more and more of the practical and interactive modes of teaching in their curriculum.
  5. Faculty: Another key factor that is of paramount significance in the choice of an EMBA college is the faculty of the college. The experience and qualification of the members of the faculty must be in alignment with the course syllabus since a good faculty is the foundation of any college.
  6. Course Schedule: The Executive MBA course has a specific part-time Be sure to check the schedule of the Executive MBA College before you finalise the college. Keeping in mind that you can attend all the classes and workshops conveniently without it hampering your work timings or job.
  7. Exposure to Global Setup: Studying in a college that accepts the admission of international students is an added advantage. You not only get to interact with people from different nationalities but also develop links that may help you at some point later for a new and better work opportunity.

Keeping all these factors in mind, a decision can be made regarding the choice of the college. Students might also consider comparing the ranking of the schools. However, they should refrain from using that as the single means of deciding the Business School as college ranking is based on surveys, and we are not sure what all factors are considered in that survey and how true the sample is. Look for the factors that are crucial for you and, based on that, make a decision.

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